Kevin G. Harbin, DVM, PA
Equine Veterinary Services
K & D Farm
Located in beautiful Williston, Florida, just northwest of Ocala.  The home of Kevin G. Harbin, DVM, PA, horse
veterinarian offering complete ambulatory services for all types of horses.  We offer Sport Horse care with digital
radiology and ultrasound, reproductive care for horses, horse dentistry and veterinary emergency care for horses.  
We offer care for all breeds including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Andalusians, Warmbloods, Paso
Finos and many more.  We serve disciplines including Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian racing, Jumping,
Dressage, Reining, Western Pleasure, Endurance Riding and others.
      In addition to ambulatory care we can also see horses here at the farm.  We have facilities to foal mares under 24
hour video surveillance.
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